Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1998 Yamaha Beech Custom Drums. 10/12/14/16/22

First-run Yamaha Beech Custom Drumkit

I bought these new in 1998. Cranberry Red Beech Customs. One of the last Takashi "Hagi" Hagiwara-designed kits Yamaha made, and they're just wonderful drums. 

Rock solid after fourteen years, these drums are functioning at 100%. People say these drums inhabit the sound spectrum in between Maple and Birch. I don't have an opinion on that but I have extensive experience with these on stage and in the studio. They cut well and are quite loud when you need them to be. They'll punch through a live mix and they record beautifully. 

I last used these in 2008, they've been waiting patiently for me in their cases ever since, but I fear I won't be playing them again. I'd like to find them a home where they'll get plenty of use, it's shameful to keep them boxed up.

Specifics: 4 toms in FAST sizes (Depth x Diameter):  8x10”, 9x12” 12x14” and 14x16”. The bass drum is 18X22". Included with the kit is the heavy duty tripod for mounting the floor toms and the mount for the rack toms. Pictures show only three tom arms, but I picked another one up so there's a mount for each of the toms. 

Drums are all headed with a mix of 2-ply Remo and Evans heads. All heads are totally playable. There's a Remo Powerstroke bass drum batter head and an unported black front head on it now.

The finish on these drums is beautiful and looks flawless from a few feet away. There are some dings on the toms where they bumped into my snare drum over years of play. The bass drum hoops are a bit banged up in places also. The chrome on these drums is bright and shiny. There is no rust or corrosion anywhere on the kit.

The deal: 
I'm seeking a local buyer who will pick these drums up at my home in Baltimore. Included are the drums, the tom-mounting hardware and tripod. Shipping these will be extremely expensive so I'd rather not.

My asking price reflects the condition of the equipment which is offered strictly as-is. I've described the drums as candidly as possible and they are priced to move. Cash offers will be considered in person.

A full price offer ($1000) will get in addition:
  • Your choice of hard cases or soft bags for all drums 
  • A rugged Beato hardware bag
  • Extra 10", 12" and 14" heads for the toms (you may choose from the many I have on hand)
  • A ported 22" Yamaha Logo head for the bass drum
  • A Tama bass drum pedal (see photos)
  • A throne (nice wide seat on it too.)
  • 4 pairs of new drumsticks 
These are really cool drums and I hate to sell them. 

there's another tom arm now...

Soft Bags or Hard Cases Available.

Thanks for looking!

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